Help You Grow in SEO

Help You Grow in SEO

Defining your Needs

If you are finding yourself in any of these situations, you might be in the need of SEO support, both from a strategical and an operational point of view:

  • You are about to redesign or relaunch your website and you don’t want to lose the organic traffic you’ve built in the last months/years;
  • You have relaunched your website and you have noticed a drop in your rankings and organic traffic;
  • You are about to launch a new website/business and you need advice on what topic to tackle and how;
  • In the recent weeks, you have seen a sudden drop in your organic traffic and you are wondering what happened;
  • You are willing to learn more about this discipline we call SEO in order to improve your product in the near future;
  • You are performing well but you want to take your website(s) to the next steps and overcome your competition;
  • You are an agency and you are looking for urgent support from an expert in SEO.

Next Steps

First contact

Definition of project scope and how I can support you. We arrange for a call where we discuss this and the next steps, which includes the preparation of a project estimate and a contract.

Estimate & Contract

I work on the estimate which will include all details we talked about. From this comes negotiations and questions. If you accept the estimate, I will prepare a contract that you need to sign before the project can start.


Once the contract is signed and I’ve received it, I will ask you for a down payment before starting the project. This down payment will not exceed 50% of the total amount of the project.

Project Start

As soon as I receive the down-payment, I will communicate the start and deadline dates for the project. I will inform you continuously about my progresses and questions to work on the project efficiently.

Does this sound reasonable to you? Are you interested to work together? Then, let’s jump on it and get your SEO to the top now!