Competing on Google with my biggest competitor? Impossible!

If you’re thinking this: you are wrong!

After 10 years of experience in SEO, I am going to share my secrets with you as a small business owner. Because I know that you can rank higher on Google, compete with your biggest competitor (even if they are large corporations) and drive down your acquisition costs.

I am about to release the course “Small Business, Big SEO”, where I will teach you to rank higher on Google and grow your business.

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Companies I've helped

From start-ups to scale-ups, B2C and B2B.

This course is for you!

Do you recognise this?

Your website traffic and clients are coming for 99% from paid channels, such as Facebook ads. This is working for you, but acquisition costs are high and you attract a lot of freeloaders (people who just come for the free content and are not intended to buy anything from you).

Your website is basically untraceable on Google. Even if people would want exactly what you offer, they wouldn’t be able to find it.

You know about SEO and you heard some basic tips here and there, but you don’t really know where to start.

Your resources are limited. You want to learn fast and start with the low-hanging fruit.


Imagine your ideal client in these two situations:

Alexandra is waiting for the bus and is scrolling through her Instagram feed while she listens to a podcast. She sees your advertisement and clicks. She is half distracted by her podcast, and then sees a message popping up in WhatsApp. She abandons your page. 

Alexandra has a problem. She wants it to be fixed. She types on Google exactly what she wants, browses through the first page of Google, clicks on a link. Studies the webpage and .. buys your product.

Get the point? SEO helps you to get your customer when they’re hot. At the moment they are searching for you. All you need to do is to help them find you.

What this course offers you

SEO doesn’t have to be complex and time-intensive. With the right tools, processes and mindset, you can achieve wonders. YOU know your product/service like no one else. I bring you the means to share it with your dream customer.

See it as a shortcut to boost your ranking.

After following the course you will:

be able to position your website to get maximum organic reach to your audience

know the content types that work for more traffic and conversion

get more prospects, traffic and paying customers out of SEO

grow your website’s authority and expertise in your industry

Course outline

Strategise for SEO

Setting the right foundations, we’ll go through the why and the what of SEO, as well as getting out of the way common SEO myths, right from the start.

The value of SEO insights

With SEO, you can get valuable information about your target audience, slipping in your customers’ thought-process. More importantly, this data can be used to inform your overall marketing strategy.

Executing SEO that just works

This is the most practical part of the course with hands-on, guided processes and demos to execute your best SEO work, so far. From quick wins, best practises (on- and off-page) to what tools you should use (or not), but also how to talk to SEO agencies.

SEO by Design

Because there’s nothing more rewarding (in SEO) than to launch a website/webpage that has been thought of with SEO in mind, for SEO. If you follow my methodology, results will be mind-blowing. This section includes templates and walkthroughs to make your SEO work as efficiently as possible.

Monitoring & Reporting

Executing any marketing tactic is useless if you’re not able to report on your goals (whether traffic or conversion), and monitor your performance. And if you’re like me, you want to know whether SEO is indeed a good investment. I’ll share with you all the material I personally use to have the best picture of your business, on the SEO front.

Limited Offer

Get unlimited access to the entire course for a special launching price. The only thing I ask in return is your honest feedback. Are you in?

I am sure you will earn back your investment in this course quickly. Not happy? Then you’ll get your money within 14 days after purchasing the course.

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Baptiste did a great job consulting us in all kind of different SEO Topics and I can really recommend to do a workshop with him.
Fabian Winter
Excellent SEO course. Great learning experience. Thank you very much!
Sascha Liebhardt
New European College

About me

SEO is my passion. On the SEO scene since 2012, I now made it my mission to support small business to grow and compete against their biggest competitors.

I truly believe everyone deserves their chance to show-off their product or services on Google. It’s not because you have limited resources, that you shouldn’t be able to compete and overtake your biggest competitors on your most important keywords. 

This motivated me to create ‘Grow with SEO’ as a mindset and a methodology that you can apply to win against more resourceful companies.

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Course's guarantee

  • I know what are the quick wins to make my SEO program a success
  • With strong foundations, I am able to make 20% of work for 80% impact
  • With SEO 101, I get higher value from SEO, marketing experts and agencies
  • I can position my product where and when our audience is searching for it
  • I know the type of content I need to create for my website to get traffic and/or conversion from SEO
  • I can gain insights on what our target audience is looking for
  • I get more paying customers and prospects
  • I get more traffic to my website
  • My product/brand is getting recognised as an expert/authoritative source in my industry

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